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How Much Do You Pay Now?

Be sure to consider all potential costs: brokerage fees, advisor fees, internal investment expenses, commissions, and taxes. The most common pitfall we see is people holding very expensive investments without realizing it. Often, these people have advisors who are incentivized to increase profits for the companies they work for—not for you. Costs can add up quickly when this is the case—upwards of three percent.

The good news for you is that we don’t care about any brokerage’s bottom line. Our goal is simple—to minimize your expenses across the board. Here’s what we strive for:

  • Near zero internal expenses on investments with our asset allocation models
  • Avoid commissions with No Transaction Cost funds
  • No annual account fees at TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • Minimized taxes with comprehensive planning

As for our payment, keep reading. Based on your asset level, you will fall in one of two categories.

Our Fees

Wealth Management

1%Annualized Fee on Assets
  • Appropriate if you have over $250K in investable assets.

Wealth Accumulator

$597Upfront Fee + $199 Monthly Retainer
  • Appropriate if you have under $250K in investable assets.
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