There are a lot of investment blogs that already do an exceptional job at analyzing mountains of historical data to give perspective on current market conditions. Their content is usually targeted toward long-term investors, wealth management clients, and other finance professionals. These bloggers have kept my clients (and me) sane a number of times during market crises, and I value their contributions immensely. In fact, I’ll be citing their insights and hard work here often.

There are also a lot of trading blogs that give a playbook of strategies (or strats, if you will) with nightly stock watchlists of actionable trade ideas. Their content is targeted toward independent and institutional traders looking to profit from shorter-term price fluctuations. These gurus have blueprints that can work with proper risk management, and I credit them for my start in the industry. I learned the ropes as a trader—at times the hard way.

Here, I will be blogging about both investing and trading. I believe that as long as you have a solid plan, and don’t deviate, you can have success with either approach. In each, I will be sharing insights into my refined, battle-tested methods that I use today.

As a technician at heart, I will be using a lot of price charts and quantifiable data on this blog. Price always tells the story for me. Other than dividends and interest, it is the only thing that actually pays in the markets. Everything else is just noise.

And that’s where this blog comes in. I will sift through the abundance of financial news to decipher what is actually meaningful while filtering out the garbage. I will share my analysis on the stuff that really matters—the stuff that can make or break a portfolio—and I hope you join me by subscribing.